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Supply chain mapping is the process of engaging across your supply chain to document the exact source of every raw material. A typical supply chain map will identify every step a raw material has taken from source to arrival at your factory and where it goes after it leaves your factory.


The reasons you may want to map your supply chain include:


To gain greater visibility

Following food incidents, such as the horsemeat scandal, many customers and stakeholders require greater levels of supply chain visibility. By providing your customers with clear visibility of products they purchase throughout their supply chain, confidence is increased.


To identify and reduce risks

Visibility of the entire raw material supply chain allows you to see where ingredients are being sourced, including from regions with elevated risks, such as those that might be employing slave labour; have poor safety standards; a record of fraud and adulteration; or of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, flooding, drought, etc. Armed with this intelligence, you can then take the decision to source from alternative sources and lower the risk profile of your supply chain.


To demonstrate corporate social responsibility

Being able to demonstrate supply chain visibility shows other businesses - and your customers and consumers - that your company is committed to corporate social responsibility.


Stay ahead of the game

Buyers know that there are multiple supplier-related challenges and the need for more visible supply chains, but finding a way to deliver this has not always been possible.




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What we are offering

When you undertake supply chain mapping, the biggest challenge you will face is getting enough data from all levels in your supply chain to create and maintain an up-to-date supply chain map.


Multiple solutions currently exist where your suppliers are expected to pay to provide information. These charges have become an obstacle for many companies.


By providing our supply chain mapping solution free of charge* we remove suppliers' objections to being charged and open up an opportunity for you to partner with suppliers to deliver greater transparency.


*Free unlimited supply chain mapping for three years from the date of registration.

How does it work?

Following registration, you will receive a series of short training emails taking you through the supply chain mapping process step-by-step. These training emails will also provide links to training videos.


The supply chain mapping process is very simple.

  • Add your site(s) and users.
  • Add your suppliers.
  • Add products sourced.
  • Request a supply chain map.
  • Your suppliers receive a notification to login and complete your request.

More extensive information is available on our FAQ page.

Benefits of using QADEX Supply Chain Mapper

  • Free to use for you and your suppliers

    Your suppliers are more likely to provide the data required to complete your supply chain map.

  • You decide who you share your supply chain map with

    Gives you complete control of which customers can see the supply chain maps for products that you supply to them. You can remove access at any time.

  • Map once and share multiple times

    You can share your supply chain map with as many customers as you wish, removing the need to pay for multiple systems. This will save your business money and time.

  • Easy to set up and use

    Get started quickly and see the results of your supply chain mapping with minimal training. If you have any questions, post them on the system help desk and receive prompt responses from the experienced QADEX support team. Extensive training videos and a help Wiki is also available.

Have a look around inside

These are a selection of screenshots following your journey from first registration through managing your account and mapping your supply chain. Use the left and right arrows to skip back and forward.

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